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Enhance Your Event with Stunning Outdoor Event Lighting

When it comes to hosting memorable events outdoor event lighting hire plays a pivotal role. Whether it’s a festive gathering, a corporate function, or a lively outdoor party, Enthusiasm Events is your trusted partner for all your outdoor event lighting requirements. With our extensive range of outdoor event lighting options, we can help transform your event into a visually captivating experience.

Outdoor LED up-lights from £35 + VAT 

Outdoor Battery powered up-lights from £40 + VAT


Illuminating Buildings and Pathways

Our specialty lies in the art of illuminating buildings and pathways. Our outdoor event lighting solutions go beyond mere functionality; they’re about creating an enchanting and inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s a corporate building, a historic venue, or a private estate, our expertise in lighting design can enhance its architectural features, setting the perfect mood for your event.

Festivals and Light Trails

Festivals are all about creating a magical atmosphere, and our outdoor event lighting solutions are key to achieving this. Whether you’re organising a local music festival, cultural event, or a community fair, we offer a wide range of lighting options to add a touch of enchantment to the surroundings. Our light trails are designed to guide visitors through your event while creating a sense of wonder.

Lighting hire for Christmas and Halloween Events

The holiday season is the ideal time to infuse your event with a sense of celebration. Our outdoor event lighting options for Christmas events can transform any venue into a winter wonderland. Similarly, for Halloween events, we can create an eerie and captivating atmosphere with our creative lighting designs, ensuring that your guests have a spooktacular time.

Outdoor uplighting hire

Marketing with Outdoor Event Lighting

Outdoor event lighting isn’t limited to celebrations; it’s also a powerful tool for marketing. Whether you’re hosting a product launch, promoting a brand, or looking to enhance your event’s visibility, our lighting solutions can be tailored to meet your marketing objectives. Our state-of-the-art LED lighting technology can help you showcase your brand or products in the best possible light.

Public and Private Events

We recognise that both public and private events have distinct requirements. Enthusiasm Events can cater to any event, whether it’s a large-scale public gathering or an intimate private affair. Our lighting experts will work closely with you to design an event lighting concept that perfectly aligns with the ambiance you want to create.

Why Choose Enthusiasm Events for Your Outdoor Event Lighting

  • Versatility: Our diverse range of outdoor event lighting options ensures that we have the right solution for your specific event, whether it’s a public festival or an intimate private gathering.
  • Experienced Team: Our team of experts is well-versed in the art of lighting design, ensuring that every aspect of your event is beautifully illuminated.
  • Quality Equipment: We provide top-tier outdoor event lighting equipment, guaranteeing reliability and durability to keep your event shining throughout.
  • Local Presence: Based in Cardiff, we understand the unique lighting needs of South Wales, Wales, and the West of the UK, making us your ideal local partner for outdoor event lighting.

At Enthusiasm Events, we take pride in our commitment to providing bespoke outdoor event lighting solutions. If you’re ready to make your event in Cardiff, South Wales, Wales, or the West of the UK truly unforgettable, contact us today. Let’s illuminate your next outdoor event together!

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