Set flats hire

Set Flats and Stage Backdrops for Hire

At Enthusiasm Events, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest game-changer: Set Flats Hire, also known as stage flats or backdrops, these versatile additions are set to redefine your event spaces with simplicity and style.

What Sets Our Set Flats Apart?

Our Set Flats hire come in various shapes and sizes, offering a budget-friendly way to spruce up your event’s ambiance. They’re designed to be super portable and pack down neatly into a drum-sized case for easy transport and storage. Available in standard grey or black, these flats effortlessly blend into any event theme.

Adaptable and Practical Stage Flats

With heights of 2.4m or 2.7m, our Set Flats cater to different venue specifications. Their compatibility with standard doors and lifts makes them a breeze to manoeuvre around any event space. Whether it’s a conference, theatre show, corporate gathering, or outdoor festival, these stage flats fit right in.

Versatile Stage Backdrops for Hire 

The applications for our Set Flats are limitless. Use them as picture-perfect backdrops for conferences, enhance live streams with stunning visuals, set the stage for theatrical productions, add a professional touch to corporate events, or create immersive environments at festivals. Let your creativity run wild!

Stage Backdrop Hire

Stage Flats
4ft x 8ft Flat Panel £100.00 + VAT (weekly)
Aluminum Frame
Support Braces & Quick Clamps
Reversible covers – Black, Grey & White
10ft x 4ft also available.
Stage Weight
Stage Weight – 12.5 Kilos £6.00 + VAT per unit
Accessories / Misc
Cable Cover 0.8m (Multi Channel) £6.00 + VAT per unit
Cable Cover 1m (Single Channel) £5 + VAT per unit
Pipe & Drape
Pipe & Drape Upright 2.4m – 6m £50.00 + VAT
Pipe & Drape Base & Spigot
Stage Drape Black 4m x 3m
Stage Weight 12.5 Kilos

Why Choose Enthusiasm Events?

We’re not just about products; we’re about creating unforgettable experiences. Our Set Flats and Stage Backdrops are built for quality, convenience, and affordability. Count on us for seamless transactions, on-time deliveries, and full support so you can focus on crafting exceptional events.

Stage deck. 

Not just limited to Set Flats, Enthusiasm Events offers a comprehensive solution by providing stage deck that perfectly complement our versatile Set Flats. Our stage decks are engineered to seamlessly integrate with the Set Flats, allowing you to create a complete and professional stage setup. These durable and adaptable decks come in various sizes and configurations, offering stability and flexibility for your event needs. Whether it’s a raised platform for performances, speaker presentations, or enhancing the visual impact of your Set Flats, our stage decks provide the essential foundation for your event. With Enthusiasm Events, you can easily combine our Set Flats and stage decks to craft immersive environments that leave a lasting impression on your audience.