Net Zero Emissions Policy

Net Zero Emissions Policy

Enthusiasm Events Ltd is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and operating in a manner that aligns with the Net Zero emissions policy in Wales, UK. Our goal is to minimise environmental impact while delivering exceptional service to our clients. 

Enthusiasm Events Ltd supports the Welsh Government’s objectives outlined in The Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals.

We have estimated our 2023 carbon emissions to be 16.3 tCO2e. This includes emissions from vehicles owned by Enthusiasm Events Ltd and emissions from employee homeworking. We occasionally work at several hot desk facilities in Cardiff but to avoid double counting, we have determined that the emissions from those offices are out of scope for our calculations. We are working on estimating our emissions from our supply chain and aim to include that when we next report our emissions.

We are committed to being Net Zero by 2050. From our analysis, we consider our main environmental impact to be carbon emissions from transport and indirect carbon emissions associated with our supply chain. Therefore, we, aim to reduce our direct emissions by 50% by 2030 and our indirect emissions by 25% by 2030. 

To achieve this, we pledge to:

Transition to Electric Vehicles: As an SME, we acknowledge the limitations of zero emission vehicles but we commit to transitioning our vehicle fleet to electric alternatives as they become financially viable. In the interim, we will explore and adopt eco-friendly practices for vehicle usage where feasible. This includes prioritising active/public transport, regularly servicing and maintaining our current vehicles to keep them in optimum condition, encouraging vehicle sharing wherever possible, and coordinating transport to reduce mileage and fuel use.

Local Supplier Engagement: Continuously prioritise local suppliers and artists in our operations to reduce transportation emissions associated with sourcing materials and talent. We will start asking our existing and new suppliers to evidence their carbon reduction practices to determine that their ambitions match our own.

Electronic Booking and Communication: Emphasise electronic communication and bookings to eliminate paper usage and minimise postage, thereby reducing waste and carbon emissions associated with traditional mail systems.

Sustainable Procurement: All our hire equipment is procured with longevity, repairability, and sustainability in mind and we will ensure that it is properly looked after to ensure the equipment can be used for as long as possible. When the equipment comes to the end of it’s life, we will first look at selling or donating it and if that’s not possible make sure we responsibly recycle it.

Encourage Sustainable Practices: Educate and encourage our employees, suppliers, and partners to adopt sustainable practices that align with our commitment to Net Zero emissions. This includes energy-efficient practices, waste reduction, and recycling initiatives.

Continuous Improvement: Regularly review and assess our operations to identify areas for further emission reduction. This includes exploring new technologies, partnerships, and practices that contribute to our Net Zero goals.

Measure and Report: Implement systems to monitor, measure, and report our carbon footprint regularly. This data will guide our decision-making process and enable us to track progress towards achieving Net Zero emissions. Our first action will be to get a plan in place to collect data needed to more accurately calculate our Scope 3 emissions.

Community Engagement: Actively engage with local communities, sharing our sustainability initiatives, and encouraging others to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

Enthusiasm Events Ltd recognises the urgency of addressing climate change and is dedicated to playing a role in achieving a sustainable future. This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and relevance in our journey towards Net Zero emissions.