Hybrid conference services

Tailored Hybrid Meeting, Video Conference and Event AV Hire Services

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, Enthusiasm Events introduces custom hybrid meeting and hybrid conference services as well as hybrid event solutions, transforming how companies host conferences, meetings and events. 

Hybrid meeting services

A hybrid meeting seamlessly combines traditional conference settings with remote attendance, facilitating a seamless blend of in-person presence and virtual participation for employees, team members, and esteemed guest speakers.

Package prices starting from as little as £200 + VAT. 


Hybrid Conference equipment hire 

Enthusiasm Events specialises in crafting personalised packages for meetings of any size. Our offerings include PA Systems, Microphones, Displays, Laptops, and advanced Live-Streaming Cameras.

Video conferencing services

What sets us apart is our dedication to delivering a hassle-free experience. Beyond equipment provision, our team offers project and technical management to ensure smooth execution. Our skilled AV Technicians adeptly handle various video conferencing and collaboration platforms like Zoom and Teams, ensuring a flawless connection for all participants.

Hybrid conference and meeting package

An example of our hybrid conference and meeting package includes:

  • 1 x 65” Screen
  • 2 x Speakers on Speaker Stands with Amp and Cables
  • 1 x MacBook Pro configured with the designated call software (Teams or Zoom)
  • 1 x USB C Dock
  • 1 x Table Microphone
  • Comprehensive cabling for all equipment
  • Hassle-free Delivery and Collection services
  • Expert AV technician for setup and thorough testing

Our Hybrid Meeting and Conference Services.

This setup is just a glimpse of our extensive offerings tailored to suit your specific needs.

Enthusiasm Events can assist you in creating impactful hybrid meetings that transcend boundaries, fostering seamless collaboration.

Contact us today and experience the future of conferencing with our innovative AV hire solutions.

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